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Variety Early Learning Center

The landscape of the world wide web is ever changing.  Trends and technology change but unlike fashion there’s no such thing as retro tech when it comes to web compatibility.  This fresh re-design is a colorful parallax design that is both kid and parent friendly.  Responsive for easy viewing on any size device, loads quickly, with easy to access information, simplified navigation, all images are bright and represent their diverse demographic all creating an inviting online environment for both potential parents/students and sponsors/donors.

NEW 2018 Re-Design

2013 Re-Design

Note: We originally re-designed the Variety Early Learning Center website in 2013 the re-design was prompted by the need to eliminate the unsupported flash entry page used on their original Wix site.  We replaced the the flash entry with a colorful image slider with linked information on the homepage, Custom graphic design, bright colors, simplified navigation creating a centralized hub for parents.

Original Designed with Wix in 2011

Visit this site at Variety Early Learning Center


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